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The online gateway to the people of the last Shangri-La. The platform is built to enable international guests to have an online one to one interactive session with Bhutanese that will provide a personalized experience based on our international guests' interest on Bhutan

Bhutan is a small kingdom located in the Himalayas, known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon". It boasts stunning natural beauty, cultural heritage, vibrant Buddhist temples, and colorful festivals. Bhutan offers a unique experience for travelers seeking adventure and tranquility. Its people are warm and hospitable, living by the principles of Gross National Happiness and valuing the well-being of their citizens. 


To provide an authentic, personalized and immersive experience of Bhutanese culture and traditions to international guests online.

Connecting international guests with local Bhutanese experience providers who are knowledgeable and passionate about their country, Personal Bhutan aims to offer a one-on-one experience that allows international guests to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Bhutan.

By promoting cultural exchange and fostering meaningful connections between international guests and Bhutanese experience providers, Personal Bhutan also aims to support the local economy and empower Bhutanese individuals through meaningful work and entrepreneurship.

How do we operate?

Our international guests will make a booking for a personal experience from a menu of our experiences followed by an automated email confirming their booking with preferred scheduled timing. All sessions will take place virtually via Zoom. 

Niche  Experiences


Immerse yourself into learning the art of cooking Ema Datshi, the national dish of Bhutan.



Connect with your inner self by having a one to one guided meditation session with a yogi master.



Entertain yourself by listening to Bhutanese singers with their distinctive harmonies, soaring melodies, and heartfelt lyrics.



Educate yourself of Gross National Happiness, a national development index of Bhutan.



Observe while an artist showcases traditional Bhutanese painting styles, materials, and techniques.



Hear a performance of instruments like the dramnyen, yangchen, and drangyen by passionate experts.



Learn the basics of Dzongkha, including its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.



Enchanting Bhutanese farm walk, to discover the natural beauty and farming practices that are at the heart of Bhutanese culture.



Witness the beauty of carving wooden objects such as traditional masks, religious sculptures, and decorative items.



Discover the beauty, grace, and cultural significance while you witness a traditional dance performance.



Learn the significant events and historical figures that have shaped the country's rich culture and traditions.



Witness and learn about the intricate techniques and patterns that make Bhutanese weaving so unique and beautiful.


General Experiences

Tradition, Art, Culture and Aesthetics

Connect with a master artist in Bhutan, who is multi-talented and skilled in Bhutan's art and aesthetics. Learn about the cultural significance of Bhutanese art and how it reflects the country's spiritual and cultural values.

Agriculture and the Natural Environment

Experience an in-depth understanding of the lives of farmers in Bhutan, their agricultural practices, and how they co-exist with the natural environment with one of the most popular farmer figures in Bhutan.

Traditional Medicine and Healing Practices

Immerse yourself into learning Bhutan's traditional medicine, herbs, and therapies. You will get the opportunity to learn about the ancient wisdom and practices of Bhutanese medicine and explore the country's rich medicinal plants and herbs.

Approach to STEM & Technology

Experience a conversation with a Bhutanese expert to learn about the roles of STEMSEL in Bhutan and how Bhutanese society is living with technology in a way that honors their cultural traditions and values. 

Dzongkha - The National Language 

A language spoken by a few hundred thousand. Experience a personal learning session about Bhutan's national language and you may even be able to speak a few phrases in Dzongkha by the end of it.

Meditation & Dharma 

A yogi master, will guide you through a virtual journey of discovery. Understand the history and philosophy of Buddhism, the various meditation practices and techniques. Engage and connect yourself on a personal level with the master.


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